All Natural Antimicrobial Game Meat Spray


For The True Outdoorsman



Taking the utmost care of your game meat isn’t only important because you and your family will enjoy the better quality, it is also a part of what makes you a true outdoorsman.


Protects your meat from:

  • Flies, ticks, and bugs

  • Bacteria and microorganisms

  • Spoilage and rot


Ideal size

Game Meat Protector™ comes in an 8oz spray bottle, which is enough to spray an entire large game animal (moose, caribou, mule deer), or several smaller animals.



Game Meat Protector™ can be applied to your game bags, directly onto your game meat, or both. Spray it infield or while hanging.

Directions for use

  • Apply Game Meat Protector™ by spraying your game meat shortly after skinning or while hanging.

  • Spray until every surface of your game meat or bag is coated and let it dry.

  • It will create a thin protective layer on the outside of your meat or game bag.

  • Back home, rinse meat to remove hair, debris, excess spray.


Natural ingredients you can be proud of:

Water, citric acid, chitosan, acetic acid.


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